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The Smyrna, Tennessee American Martial Arts Karate Academy Welcomes YOU!

You have found the location for the best instruction in martial arts in Smyrna, Tennessee. The classes are taught in an enjoyable and professional setting, designed specifically for a fast and top-quailty learning experience. Our energetic classes will stimulate and motivate you to be your best.

Practice with Smyrna's Top-Notch Karate Academy! Make new friends, improve life skills, learn self-defense and whip yourself into shape with us! Call today to ask about our current membership offers!

Whether you wish to protect yourself, get in shape or learn self-defense skills – this is your school! The Smyrna American Martial Arts Karate Academy Martial Arts Program is unparalleled! We serve women, men and children, no matter what experience level or age. Our dedication lies with the students; we help everyone develop their proficiency in martial arts, improve physical fitness and health as well as build self-defense skills while having a ton of fun. Through time tested specially designed curriculum we provide a complete program in martial arts with a practical and logical self-defense system.

All of our classes include muscle conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic training, self-defense skills for use in the real world and plenty of exercise!

Students become black belt martial arts masters starting from the inside and working outward. The programs aim toward developing the whole person rather than just building muscle strength and fighting skills. Students strengthen themselves physically, emotionally and mentally while enjoying our upbeat atmosphere! Our students soon develop that winning spirit that carries through to all aspects of their lives. Busy schedules are not a problem, either. There are many classes available; finding one to fit into your schedule is a breeze. Adults and children are not only welcome but are encouraged to attend.

Here at Smyrna Karate we also host special classes and workshops outside the classes such as the Self-Defense Workshop, Bully Proof Seminars for kids and an array of other various, fun workshops and family activities.

Meet The Staff! They can't wait to assist you in your journey toward becoming a black belt in martial arts and in life!

The staff is fantastically impressive at the Academy. Each Smyrna American Martial Arts Karate Academy staff member is professionally trained in physical curriculums as well as other life aspects, such as value development and keeping classes fun for everyone. Our students walk away with heightened patience, courtesy, respect, integrity and self-control. We hear our students rave about their experience at the Academy. Students tend to train for a short period of time before noticing positive changes in their self-esteem, energy and attitudes. Our students, whether they are adults or children, are proud to have developed an undefeatable spirit which helps them achieve higher goals at work, school and in their personal lives!

"My son begged to take martial arts for awhile, but we thought it would just be one more thing to try to fit into our schedule. Boy, were we wrong! What he learns in his martial arts classes pours into every aspect of his life. He wants to "be like a black belt" in everything he does now. We hear again and again, that a black belt never gives up... and a black belt does his best everytime. He is more focused, more respectful, and more disciplined because of what he has learned at American Martial Arts. I can't say enough about the respectfullness Mr. Harris is teaching him... respect for himself and for others. Mr. Harris is consistent in his training, patient with the kids, and an excellent mentor. We are all very thankful for American Martial Arts." Rhonda Murphy

It's Time for YOUR DECISION!

Training at The Smyrna American Martial Arts Karate Academy will be the easiest decision for you and your entire family. You know your family will enjoy the time exercising as well as building positive self help skills while making some fantastic new friends that share your same goals and interests.

We boast countless success stories, and excitement. We would love the opportunity to make the next success story yours. Call us NOW at 615-355-0981 to talk to one of our friendly team members. Don't forget to ask about our Free Trial Program.